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Making Modifications to WannaBe

It is possible to modify WannaBe in some ways. In particular, you can use ResEdit to modify WannaBe's resource fork. For instance, you may want to translate the menus or the documentation into another language.

The Redistribution Agreement lists the conditions upon which you may redistribute modified copies of WannaBe. In order to satisfy those conditions, you will need to know how to insert information into the startup page:

1. Open WannaBe in ResEdit
2. Change the ID of 'STR#' resource 5400 to an unused ID, such as 5402.
3. Change the ID of 'STR#' resource 5401 to 5400.

4. Customize the strings in the new 'STR#' resource 5400 to reflect the modifications you've made. You don't have to be detailed here. There is another place you can do that. Basically:

5. If you are translating WannaBe, translate the first 2 strings in the resource. Otherwise, leave them alone.
6. The last 3 strings are a template for the information you should be inserting into this page. The reason they are separated is to allow whatever is in the 2nd of these (4th in the resource) to be a link to the page where you list more details concerning the modifications you've made. (If you are unsure of the meaning of this, do steps 1-4 above, then save your work and start WannaBe. Notice how the text is inserted into the startup page, and part of it forms a link to another page.)

7. Translate or modify the last 3 strings to reflect your modifications.
8. For example, if you are translating WannaBe into French, you would change the 5 strings to (in French):

  1. About WannaBe
  2. WannaBe Help
  3. Thank you for using WannaBe. This copy of WannaBe has been
  4. translated into French
  5. by Jean le Carré.

When the above strings are inserted into the startup page, the text, "translated into French," will be seen as a link to the URL, <x-wb2:modifications>. (The entity, "&eacute;" shows that you can use entities in your strings.)

9. After making the necessary changes to all the insert strings, close the resource.
10. The URL, <x-wb2:modifications>, corresponds with 'TEXT' resource 5307. Open this resource, and modify it by listing the modifications you've made to WannaBe.
11. Close this resource, save the file, and start WannaBe to check your changes.

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Part of the WannaBe website, by David T. Pierson, <dtp@mindstory.com>. This page was last modified on 3 May 2002.