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Portions of WannaBe are copyrighted by the following persons and organizations:

PowerPlant and misc: Copyright © 1994-1997 Metrowerks Inc. All rights reserved.
WASTE: Copyright © 1993-1998 Marco Piovanelli. All rights reserved.
CWASTEEdit: Copyright © 1995-97 Timothy Paustian. All rights reserved.
MoreFiles 1.4.8: Copyright © 1995-1996 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved.
Misc.: Copyright © 1999 boost.org.
Copyright © 1998 - 1999 Greg Colvin and Beman Dawes.
CHelpMenuAttachment: by Richard Buckle Copyright © 1998 Sailmaker Software Ltd.

About Redistribution

This software may be freely redistributed in its original unmodified form. Modified forms of this software (including translations) may be distributed only if: (1) all of the copyright information above and this redistribution agreement remain part of the default startup page, and (2) a message indicating that this software has been modified is added to the default startup page, along with the name(s) of the author(s) of the modifications.
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