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System Requirements

Keeping Updated

To subscribe to the email list for WannaBe announcements, send an empty email to <wb2-ann-subscribe@yahoogroups.com>.

Cautionary Note

WARNING! This is alpha-quality software. It is not feature-complete. It is pretty stable though. New users should check out the ReadMe before downloading.

The stable versions are the recommended versions. Development versions may offer newer features, but haven't been tested as long. Please send bug reports for any problems to <dtp@mindstory.com>.


Stable Versions

Download from Yahoo!:

You may have better luck downloading from Yahoo! than from mindstory.com. Note that Yahoo! requires a browser that can and does accept cookies, so unfortunately downloading WannaBe from Yahoo will not work using WannaBe.

Download from mindstory.com:

The following links do not require a cookie.

Related Items

Change Creator To WannaBe, an AppleScript droplet, will convert the creator code of TEXT files and issp files (search plug-ins) to WannaBe's creator code, WBWB. To do the conversion, drag the icons of any text files or plug-ins onto the icon of this droplet in the Finder.

Internet Config 2.0.2, which is required for using WannaBe.

Search Plug-ins Starter Set: place this folder of WannaBe search plug-ins in your Apple Menu Items folder to create your own search menu. It contains plug-ins for Google, Yahoo!, dictionary.com, download.com, Internet Movie Database, Info-Mac HyperArchive, and Weather Underground.


I welcome all comments and suggestions at <dtp@mindstory.com>.
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