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WannaBe Bug Reports

I really, really appreciate getting bug reports whenever you have a problem or crash with WannaBe. I imagine that many people have become used to unstable Internet applications, but one of the purposes of WannaBe is to be not only faster, but more stable too. So if WannaBe crashes on you, I would really like to hear about it. Also, if WannaBe puts up an error message alert box when you don't think it should, I would like to know about that as well. Send all bug reports to <dtp@mindstory.com>.

For all reports, including false error message reports, bug reports, crashes, etc., please send me the following:

  what was WannaBe (or you) doing or trying to do at the time,
  version number of WannaBe as well as PPC or 68k,
  Mac model and OS version,
  how long had WannaBe been running,
  what other apps were open,
  is the problem reproducible on your machine, other machines, etc
  anything else you think may be relevant
If you have Macsbug installed, please send me a StdLog in addition to the above information whenever WannaBe crashes. For false error message reports, please send me the complete error message text.

When it comes to bug reports, more details are always welcome.

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