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Search Plug-ins for WannaBe

WannaBe uses the same search plug-in format that is used by Apple's Sherlock application. Therefore, the same plug-ins can be used for both applications. However, you do NOT need to have the Sherlock application or a newer version of MacOS to use the plug-ins. As long as WannaBe works, the plug-ins should too.

There are a number of different ways to use Search Plug-ins. Note that you may need to change the creator code of a plug-in file to WannaBe's creator code (WBWB) for some of the methods to work. To change the creator code of a plug-in file, you can use a file utility such as ResEdit, or use the Change Creator To WannaBe utility found on the WannaBe download page.

3 Ways to use Search Plug-ins

Or, Create a Search Menu

You can also configure the Apple Menu to hold plug-ins, by putting an alias to your plug-in folder in the Apple Menu Items folder in the System Folder. Alternatively, you can place aliases of specific plug-ins in your Apple Menu Items folder.

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