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Resources and Information

For German users, Timo Becker has created a WannaBe FAQ in German, which is a translation of his WannaBe FAQ in English. His site also hosts Michèle Garoche's translation of the WannaBe FAQ in French. Timo also has WannaBe search plug-ins in German.

Information on using WannaBe in Japanese is available at <http://www7.plala.or.jp/rockstone/wannabe.html>.

The following links all appear rotten as of 2005 July 4:

Jan Muennich has German localizations of WannaBe at <http://www.jan-muennich.de/wannabe.html>.

Jean-Pierre Kuypers has French localizations of WannaBe available via FTP at <ftp://ftp.sri.ucl.ac.be/pub/WWW/WannaBe/>.

Please send me any links you have to other localized versions or patches for WannaBe.

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