Looking north towards a reservoir

Looking north from my high point, you can see Stratton Reservoir, and the road I had followed to try to find a snow-free way to the summit. I don't know the history of either. By this time I was extremely tired from the climb and the relative lack of oxygen, so I didn't spend as much time exploring as I normally would. The dam on the reservoir looked rather old, so my guess is that it is no longer maintained. The road may have been originally used to service the reservoir. There was also an antenna tower a little further up the road (to the left) that can't be seen in the photo. I would guess that the antenna is still in use, as it looked to be fairly new.

Beyond the lake you can see another peak, which may be higher than the one I was attempting. If I had seen it from my approach, I may have attempted it instead. From this picture, there appears to be a snow-free path the entire way.

Stratton Reservoir

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